Sold at the age of 4 and enslaved to work upwards of 20 hours a day, 7500 children are trafficked into the fishing industry throughout Lake Volta in central Ghana. The children are severely beaten, malnourished and hopeless. The boys are forced to row the fishing boats and dive into the dangerous waters while the girls are raped and made to work over the open fires drying out the days catch of fish.
    Partnering with George Achibra, a Ghanaian father a son both committed to rescuing children from slavery, and their organization PACODEP (PArtners in COmmunity DEvelopment Programm) Mobile Medical Disaster Relief provides medical care through our mobile medical clinics, water purification through education and large scale purifiers distributed throughout the island villages as leverage to liberate the thousands of children trafficked across the lake Volta region. MMDR's services coupled with PACODEP's intensive efforts has resulted in many children being released from darkness and placed into a life of hope and salvation. Touch-a-Life, another partner in Ghana, runs an orphanage that cares specifically for the kids who have come from slavery. Their endless love and dedication ensures that each child has a future full of possibilities, joy and freedom.  
    Mobile Medical Disaster Relief continues to dedicate much of their time to the people of Ghana, returning on a regular basis to continue the life saving medical clinics (frequently the only healthcare available), life giving water purification programs, and many community development workshops. These workshops teach people different methods of water purification on a family level, how to make fuel-efficient cookstoves, preventative health, and other educational and developmental techniques. Dr. Vanderpool, CEO of MMDR, has also partnered with the Kete-Krachi hospital to provide invasive surgeries free of charge to the rescued children, many of whom sustained severe trauma while enslaved.  
    All of MMDR's work is aimed at exemplifying Jesus' mission statement in Luke 4; "Proclaim good news to the poor, freedom to the prisoners, healing to the bling, and to set free the oppressed." MMDR's medical work, community development, and focus on liberating the many trafficked children in Ghana all the while sharing the love and grace of Jesus seems to rightly fulfill what Jesus challenged all of His followers to do.  
Please join with MMDR in this fight for GOD's Kingdom.
David Vanderpool walks through Bakpa with a friend
Katherine and David provding clean water for the people of Bakpa
Jonah, a rescued trafficked child
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