Within 48 hours after the 12 January 2010 earthquake, Mobile Medical Disaster Relief arrived in Haiti to aid in the relief and recovery efforts.  Operating out of a partners' recently built hospital, Dr. Vanderpool oversaw and administered care to thousands of patients that were affected by the disaster.  The MMDR team created an ambulance service running patients from the epicenter to the hospital and then to a refuge camp set up outside of Port-au-Prince.  The 82nd Airborne of the United States' Army aided by using their Black Hawk helicopters to ferry critical patients to the hospital where MMDR worked and then to the refuge camp.  They also donated essential medications and doctors at a critical time.
    Since the earthquake, MMDR has returned to Haiti on a monthly basis organizing mobile medical clinics throughout the country.  MMDR on average treats about 1000 patients a week in areas that are largely ignored. Quickly responding to the devastating cholera epidemic, MMDR imported enough cholera medication for 25,000 patients with the help of GCHope.  MMDR continues to serve in the marginalized and rural communities throughout Haiti where the health concerns are frequently greater and predominately neglected.
   With a growing desire to expand an already expansive ministry, MMDR has proposed to build a full-scale base in Haiti including a fully-functional surgical hospital, vocational school, and missionary housing.  Read more about it here.
one of many MMDR mobile clinic locations in Haiti
Dr. Vanderpool running a mobile clinic in the mountains in Haiti
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