Ministering to the Oppressed:
Through monthly missions and support of partner ministries, MMDR teams bring hope into areas of great need. All medical outreaches include prayer where ministry has been given to voodoo priests, island chiefs, idol worshippers, the sick and dying. Dozens have been baptized; tribes are being saved; Bibles are being read in their own languages; the Kingdom is being expanded.
Serving the Medically Vulnerable:
Through permanent and mobile medical clinics, health professionals are treating the sick and wounded. Disaster relief is brought following earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, storms, political unrest and cholera outbreaks. Free medical clinics are provided to people without access to medical care. Medicines and supplies are donated by MMDR to groups serving in areas of great need. Through MMDR: permanent medical clinics have been built and supplied; Land Rovers have been outfitted for medical outreaches; surgical operations have been performed on earthquake victims and former slaves; tens of thousands have been treated for disease. Following the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, MMDR led monthly missions of disaster relief teams rotating through a permanent medical clinic providing medical care through surgery, cholera treatments, wound care, hygiene supplies, and food distribution. Recognizing the ongoing need for medical care and orphan care, MMDR mission teams continue to regularly serve in Haiti working alongside the leaders of Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice. The establishment of a permanent base of operations in Thomazeau, Haiti called "Live Beyond...Haiti" will allow MMDR a greater opportunity for impact in the Kingdom of God.
Supporting Neglected Children:
Following the Lord's instruction to care for orphans, MMDR focuses great attention on the poor and outcast. Many children are orphaned as a result of death, neglect, poverty and cultural mores. Handicapped children are the most vulnerable to rejection. MMDR comes alongside Christian ministries which allow us to provide education funding, uniforms, supplies, medications, school rooms, dining halls, food, MMDR works alongside Touch-A-Life and PACODEP, ministries in Ghana, Africa, working to free and care for children trafficked into slavery on Lake Volta. An MMDR surgical team performed surgeries on 11 former slaves and then returned on two more missions to bring medical care and water purification systems to the remote islands for the purpose of 1) bringing the Gospel to the people and 2) to encourage the island chiefs to free more child slaves.
Enabling Self-Sufficiency Through Micro-Entrepreneurship:
MMDR believes that given the right tools, most will support themselves through work. We support the Widow's Sewing School at Arco Iris Ministry in Pemba, Mozambique, encouraging people to "Carry Their Conscience" by purchasing the widows' primary product, Handbags of Hope. Support is also given to a Christian entrepreneur in Vietnam through the sale of his product Scripture Scrolls.
We believe, that just like Jesus Christ, we are anointed by the Spirit of God to preach the Good News to the poor, to set the prisoners free, to bring sight to the blind, to relieve the oppressed and to declare the Great Day of the Lord. (Luke 4:18)

We also believe that if anyone has material possessions and sees someone in need but does nothing to help them, then the love of God can't be in that person. So, we are not to love in word or talk but in works and in truth. (1 John 3:18)
Our Mission
 LiveBeyond... P.O.Box 128137, Nashville, TN 37212 / 1508 Delmar Ave., Suite 122, Nashville (615) 460.8296
Some of the widows in the Sewing School at Arco Iris Ministry.
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A child just rescued from a slave boat.
Jackyln Vanderpool praying for the village's voodoo priest
Tending to the sick in the bush in Ghana
Through our time in Haiti, we have been exposed to a need to Live Beyond simple disaster relief.  With the change from MMDR to LiveBeyond our mission has changed accordingly:

We are an organization that chooses to Live Beyond... ourselves, our culture, our borders & this life so that others can Live Beyond ... disease, hunger, poverty & despair.