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LiveBeyond... / Mobile Medical Disaster Relief is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to disaster relief, building medical clinics and hospitals, purifying water, and microfinance in the United States and developing countries.  MMDR has responded to numerous disasters including hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and the 2011 Alabama tornadoes. While MMDR's primary focus has been in Haiti, Ghana, Mozambique, and Honduras, its presence also stretches throughout parts of Ukraine, Iraq, China, Nigeria, Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and India.  LiveBeyond is currently in the process of building a permanent base in Haiti which will include a hospital, a vocational school, an orphanage, an agriculture development center, and guest housing for short term medical missions.
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LiveBeyond Hospital Construction Progress
TMA Awards 2014- Dr. Vanderpool Honored

COM/CON Administrators and Students Travel to Haiti
Haiti Mission Trip
                                                   On July 12, 2014, administrators and students from the Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine and College of Nursing                                                              traveled to Thomazeau, Haiti to participate in an international interprofessional medical mission trip. Dr. Ruth Bush and Dr.                                                      Lee Ann Ray along with College of Medicine students Ian McGraw and Naila Dhanani and College of Nursing student,                                                              Lauren Rhyne spent six days with the organization LiveBeyond.

                                                  LiveBeyond, is an organization which specializes in providing medical care to rural and marginalized communities in                                                               developing countries. Under the leadership of Dr. David Vanderpool, M.D., they have developed an efficient and effective                                                       method of delivering health-care from a portable platform that readily configures to whatever situation presents itself.                                                               LiveBeyond is able to easily treat the majority of health concerns that are presented at these clinics. They have also worked                                                   to develop numerous relationships in the countries where they operate so that complex patients can be referred to the                                                             hospitals that can offer long term and more in-depth care.

Haiti Mission Trip
The purpose of the trip was to allow the medical and nursing students the opportunity to participate in health care services provided by an interdisciplinary health care team with special focus on medication use and effects, optimal pharmacotherapy, healthcare screening and patient counseling. Additionally, they acted as support staff with other disciplines of the health care team and participated in team-based activities to overcome health disparities, language barriers, socioeconomic status, health literacy, cultural conflicts, and access to medication and health care services. These activities assisted the students in completing a scholarly project that they identified prior to the trip.

The community of Thomazeau, Haiti will soon have a clinical hospital that can address all basic medical needs.  Thanks to LiveBeyond's partnership with Regional Care, hospital construction is well underway with targeted completion later this summer.