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Electronic Agriculture Record App

You need real-time data that accurately represents the true state of agriculture in your country.  In order to do that, you need the ability to survey farmers, markets, and agriculture industries while compiling the data in an easy to manage graphical interface.  However, with extension agents in different regions and reports and surveys piling up, consolidating information is remarkably difficult.


Vast geographic spread

Extension workers spread across vast areas too often results in delayed reporting, outdated data, and a disconnect between the director and the staff.  The E.A.R. solves these problems with instant communications.

Overwhelming paperwork

Traditional surveys are the backbone of collecting agriculture data but more often than not they pile up without ever getting entered into a database.  The E.A.R. automatically inputs all of its data into a central database.

Consolidating information

Agriculture's numerous data points can reveal so much about a community.  But without an effective way to compare the stats all of this data is useless.  The E.A.R. auto reports your findings and displays them in an easy to use dashboard.

Remove the clutter of paper surveys and know the state of agriculture in your community with real-time data.

Schedule a software demo and see how the Electronic Agriculture Record will benefit you.

Demo the Electronic Agriculture Record App and see how it will empower your agricultural development work via data collection, farmer management, and strategic reporting.
E.A.R. Software Demonstration
20 min

Digital Database of:

  • Farmers

  • Markets

  • Co-operatives

  • Processing facilities

Track & Graph Data:

  • Quantity

  • Quality

  • Prices

Geo-locate by:

  • Crops

  • Livestock

  • Pests

  • Diseases


  • Farms

  • Vendors

  • Agribusinesses

So what is the E.A.R.? 

The Electronic Agriculture Record is the summation of years of extensive fieldwork and data collection.  Too often we saw the countless hours of surveying farmers and markets go to waste as the paper forms piled up in the corner, their worth and the effort put into them unutilized. 

Not only did we digitize our surveys but we also included GPS capture for farm and market locations, photo-record keeping to track the quality of crops and livestock, and the ability to map out hotspots of pests and diseases in an attempt to solve problems before they become epidemic. 

A calendar feature allows the user to track changes at the farm, market, and even processing level over time. Commodity price fluctuations can be seen in real-time allowing for farmers to know which markets offer the best prices but also enabling researchers to better understand the reality of the market as a whole. 

This app not only empowers those within the agriculture community, but it also fosters a greater ability to accommodate the needs of everyone from a farmer up to the Ministry of Agriculture.

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