These 5 programs provide the impoverished with basic necessities for survival. The programs provide for urgent needs, especially for the vulnerable – children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and at-risk individuals. They are not handouts that create dependencies on the organization. These programs are designed to assist the extremely poor without stripping them of their dignity. 


DISASTER RELIEF: When disaster strikes, people lose everything, and those who want to help don't always know where to start.

No one should have to face disaster alone. 


And it shouldn't be so hard to help others. Community Health starts with basic survival. LiveBeyond (formerly Mobile Medical Disaster Relief) has been responding to disasters since 2005. We know exactly what it takes to help people recover from a disaster, be it man-made or natural. Our three-step plan (relief, demolition, reconstruction) helps people get back on their feet so they can move on with their lives. 

You can make a difference by donating to our Disaster Relief fund, donating items on our Amazon Disaster Relief Wishlist, or joining our Disaster Relief Response Team.



+ Hurricane Katrina (2005)

+ Mozambican Flood (2007)

+ Haiti 7.0 earthquake (2010)

+ Tuscaloosa tornadoes (2011)

+ West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion (2013)

+ Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (2016)

+ Hurricane Harvey in Texas (2017)

+ Hurricane Irma in Haiti (2017) 

+ Hurricane Michael (2018)



 About half of people living in Haiti don't have access to clean water.


These individuals are at high-risk for catching water-borne diseases like cholera and dysentery. And young girls, the traditional water carriers for their families, miss out on schooling because of the long treks they have to make to water sources. No child should have to fall behind in school to help her family. To address this essential need, LiveBeyond drills wells within communities and installs 800-gallon water tanks with an in-line filter that can be used indefinitely in communities throughout the region. 


Country star, Brad Paisley, and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley partnered with LiveBeyond to fund the installation of water filtration systems across Thomazeau to provide 200,000+ people with access to clean water.

Our clean water filtration systems in Thomazeau make it possible to purify millions of gallons each year leading to better health and more productive lives for people. We continue to drill wells and install filtration systems as the need arises to make sure people have the access to water that they need.

“Going to Haiti really opened my eyes to the plight of these hundreds of thousands of people – many of them mothers, fathers, and children – who are our neighbors. With LiveBeyond, we can help give them a basic human necessity they have never had: clean water. I want to show them they are not forgotten." - Kimberly Williams Paisley


Haiti lacks trustworthy health care infrastructure. In Thomazeau, most locals cannot afford medical care, even in emergency situations. With no insurance plans or savings, they were often left to suffer or die without any medical attention before LiveBeyond established a permanent presence in the community.


The LiveBeyond clinic serves around 12,000 patients per year. Boosted by the support of volunteers, this clinic offers general care, dental work, baby delivery services, optical care, and minor surgery to the people of Thomazeau, Haiti. LiveBeyond plans to expand the hospital complex to include surgical and obstetric services.