When qualified, educated adults are able to provide for the needs of their families and the community becomes sufficient to support itself, poverty is defeated and sustainable communities are created. Some of our work is  designed to ensure that the mission and the community in which we work can reach this level of sustainability.


TECHNOLOGY: Creating sustainable solutions for poverty takes lots of expensive energy. We don't want all of our donations to go towards running the base. And LiveBeyond refuses to have a negative impact on our environment. We utilize inverter systems, solar energy, and (soon) wind energy to offset costs, achieve energy independence, and be as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

LiveBeyond is also committed to using technology for the improvement of the community. Due to advanced internet capabilities, LiveBeyond offers many education opportunities for local community members via online teleconferencing. LiveBeyond also uses satellite images to study vegetation density and water distribution throughout the Thomazeau region. This type of "big picture" allows LiveBeyond to tailor immediate assistance and educational opportunities to support the immediate needs of the members of the community.



What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals are built on the back of the Eight Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nation in 2000. WHO wants to reach these goals by 2030. LiveBeyond's implementation of these goals is listed below:

1. No poverty - job creation & business transactions

2. Zero hunger - food distribution through clinic, Maternal Health program, and schools

3. Good health & well-being - Community Health programs

4. Quality education - LiveBeyond School

5. Gender equality - no hiring bias; female-run programs

6. Clean Water & Sanitation - Clean Water Initiative

7. Affordable & clean energy - solar energy use on the LiveBeyond base

8. Decent work & economic growth - living wages, job creation, & business transactions

9. Industry, innovation, & infrastructure - job creation, video conference education, clinic & school

10. Reduced inequalities - Johnny's Kids program, Community Healthcare Worker Program

11. Sustainable cities & communities - All LiveBeyond programs provide for the local community to achieve sustainability in the future.

12. Responsible consumption & production - appropriate farming techniques on the LiveBeyond demonstration farm

13. Climate Action - planting thousands of trees and plants on the LiveBeyond base, the farm, & in the community

14. Life below water - Clean Water Initiative & responsible well drilling

15. Life on land - plant establishment and growth on the LiveBeyond base and in the community

16. Peace, justice, & strong institutions - partnerships with local government and other organizations; building up of morals through the LiveBeyond church

17. Partnerships for the goals - Partnerships with Hôpital de l'Université d'Etat d'Haïti (State University Hospital of Haiti), Convoy of Hope, & Blue Ridge International for Christ

ADVOCACY: LiveBeyond conducts advocacy activities to ensure the organization’s priorities resonate in Congress and the federal government. Examples of our advocacy activities include:

  • Meeting with Congressional leaders: LiveBeyond has met with US House and Senate leaders, including representatives from Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and others to share our support of continued and increased federal funding for international aid and global health research and activities. 

  • Building relationships with leadership at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): LiveBeyond staff is actively engaged with the CDC and has held meetings with the CDC’s office in Haiti, including the country director, to discuss relevant topics such as how the CDC and LiveBeyond might be able to work together to improve healthcare and access to clean water in Thomazeau and other areas of Haiti

  • Pursuing partnerships with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID): USAID is a major funder of aid activities throughout Haiti. LiveBeyond has met with USAID representatives to discuss opportunities to collaborate on a pilot program to improve primary school curriculum across the country and healthcare education through Hôpital de l'Université d'Etat d'Haïti (State University Hospital of Haiti, or HUEH) and the medical school at Université d'Etat d'Haïti in Port-au-Prince. LiveBeyond staff have met with the Director of USAID’s Haiti Mission and are actively pursuing partnership opportunities. Recently, LiveBeyond applied for a grant from USAID’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad. If awarded this grant, the funds will be used to construct the LiveBeyond Hospital and Medical Education Center, which will allow us to offer improved medical care to residents of Thomazeau and the surrounding areas as well as educational opportunities for local Haitians interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

  • Engaging with the Department of State: Maintaining relationships with the Department of State’s Haiti Office is a priority for LiveBeyond, as they implement and oversee many essential programs within Haiti. LiveBeyond staff has met with the Director of the Office of Haiti Special Coordinator and is dedicated to working with the Department of State to best leverage State and LiveBeyond activities in Haiti.

  • Identifying partners at the Global Partnerships Practitioners Forum: In March 2017, LiveBeyond staff members attended this USAID-sponsored conference to learn more about how international organizations can successfully build partnerships with industry, government, and other nonprofits. LiveBeyond actively pursues partnership opportunities with corporate and nonprofit organizations. For more information on partnership opportunities, please contact

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