"I encourage you, if you’re on the fence about going on an international mission trip, choose LiveBeyond, and choose Haiti. You won’t be let down, and it’ll change your life for the better. There are so many ways to serve at home and in Haiti through LiveBeyond, and I encourage you to check out their website and email them to ask questions. They are doing what they do for the glory of God, and they are doing it how they are doing it for sustainability and freedom from oppression, not for a handout." - January 2019 volunteer

"I will definitely be back every chance I can." - January 2019 volunteer

"I love to see the transition to empower the people of Haiti to give them hope." - January 2018 volunteer


"The expansion of medical care and education for the Haitians is making a real difference, and you can see the literal changing of Haitian culture from darkness to light…of bringing liberty to the oppressed." - July 2017 volunteer


"During my time in Haiti, I was able to spend time with Johnny’s Kids. The joy, love, hope, passion, and drive that these kids had was tangible. You could see it in their eyes, the potential, and they knew it." - June 2017 volunteer


"I cannot wait to return to Thomazeau and the awesome people we have served. There is still work to be done, oppression to eradicate, and lives to be saved. I encourage anyone or any company that wants to make a difference to consider Thomazeau and LiveBeyond." - March 2017 volunteer


"I will do everything in my power to continue coming back to Haiti and LiveBeyond every year!" - January 2017 volunteer

"They are doing things the right way." - January 2017 volunteer


"He (The Lord) is truly changing a country by how and what is being done through LiveBeyond. LiveBeyond is striving to meet every single need of the Haitians on an ongoing basis." - October 2016 volunteer


"I just can not say enough about my experience with LiveBeyond. The Vanderpools have listened to God and shown up. Dr. Vanderpool left his successful practice as a doctor, they sold everything and moved to Haiti and that was the beginning of LiveBeyond. God has given them a vision for Haiti. If you haven’t gone on a trip I just could not recommend it enough." - September 2016 volunteer


"Because of the generous donations to LiveBeyond, many villages now have a well with clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Because of LiveBeyond’s maternal health program, women and babies are stronger and healthier than ever. Because of LiveBeyond’s Kè Pou Timoun program (heart for children program) many children are attending school, dressed in clean clothes, following the Lord, and learning the English language. Because of LiveBeyond’s medical clinic, hundreds of individuals have received medical attention." - September 2016 volunteer


"I am thankful for the Vanderpool’s and the LiveBeyond ministry as they push back the darkness as they preach Christ. I am thankful for their willingness to use inept missionaries like me to carry out the mission of God. It was a joy to join you in God’s mission. I hope the message is clear. If I can do it, you can too!" - August 2016 volunteer


"God has great plans for the Vanderpools and LiveBeyond. I’m blessed to be a part of it." - August 2016 volunteer


"I do not think I will ever be able to fully explain how life-changing my experiences with LiveBeyond have been." - August 2016 volunteer


"The work that LiveBeyond does is incredible. They pour out unconditional love to the Haitian people,  provide food for those who are hungry and starving, provide medical care for the sick, educate the children and adults, teach local farmers about agriculture, and most importantly, they share the love of Jesus Christ." - July 2016 volunteer


"I love Haiti and LiveBeyond for many reasons, but I will always be thankful for it’s impact on my eyes. I am no longer satisfied to only see Jesus in Haiti." - July 2016 volunteer


"I am incredibly thankful for the Lord’s direction and his purpose for my life, and that LiveBeyond is a part of His plan and my purpose. " - July 2016 volunteer


"I am actively preparing to return to Thomazeau as soon as I can. If you are thinking about serving with LiveBeyond, I would strongly suggest to set aside your fears and worries. If God is calling you, go. There is so much you can do on this trip. God has prepared you with skills to use for HIS glory." - July 2016 volunteer


"LiveBeyond is making a real and tangible difference in the Kingdom of God." - July 2016 volunteer


"This was the best short-term mission trip I've ever been a part of. I flew away feeling like I actually helped greatly." - July 2016 volunteer

"It's the purest model of Jesus I've ever seen. And the great thing is all you have to do is sign up and go and learn how to do this. It operated with absolute integrity toward the benefit of some of the neediest people on earth. It puts anything in my life I've ever considered hard into perspective. We plan for this to be a continuing part of our lives in our family and will continue to tell everyone we know about it." - June 2016 volunteer


"Wonderful, meaningful opportunity and organization spreading His love." - June 2016 volunteer

"I have been on several mission trips before, but this trip with LiveBeyond to Haiti was a life-changing experience. Words cannot express all that I learned on the trip." - May 2016 volunteer


"LiveBeyond takes missions to a whole different level from the daily Bible studies to what was done that day and then meeting and seeing where the people lived. It was a more complete way of doing missions like practicing what you are preaching." - May 2016 volunteer

"I don't have other missions to compare it to, but just from talking to other people, LiveBeyond is different. Especially what they're doing during medical missions. It's not all about spreading the word of God, it's about opportunities and finding Faith even in the darkest of circumstances. This is actually changing the Haitians lives and everyone's that come into contact with them." - April 2016 volunteer


"This is an organization I want to be a part of for years to come. I want to be able to continually serve with LiveBeyond and not just make this a one-time trip." - April 2016 volunteer


"LiveBeyond is as it's name states, going beyond sharing the gospel. Feeding the hungry, freeing the oppressed, educating the poor, and sharing about Jesus and showing his love through the things that hurt them the most." - April 2016 volunteer

"Amazing opportunity to serve the Lord, discover more of your spiritual gifts for the Kingdom of God, and learn about how to live on mission for Jesus!" - March 2016 volunteer

"LiveBeyond will definitely change your life because they preach and live out a different, but so true message of how a Christian should be. No one in the states talks about living missionally, so going on this mission is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially in college because the Vanderpools illustrate beautifully how Jesus probably lived on earth, showing us how we should choose to live our lives." - March 2016 volunteer

"LiveBeyond definitely changed the way I view the Christian life. Seeing the Vanderpools live what they preached was super impactful and encouraging to fully follow Jesus in all ways, even the part about Jesus being poor." - March 2016 volunteer


"I believe through this experience I was able to actively see moments of thin space, where the Kingdom of God and Earth meet. It is moving to see the way that the Lord loves and works in the lives of people throughout the world." - March 2016 volunteer

"Words can't express what we experienced in Thomazeau. To truly understand, you have to GO!! The clinic treated over 800 people in four days, and the visits to the communities allowed us to know and understand more completely how these brothers and sisters live every day. LiveBeyond and the Vanderpools are there 24/7. They are changing the landscape of Haiti in ways that will improve/save lives for generations to come. Check them out and support them if you can! I can't wait to go back!" - January 2016 volunteer


"My mission week was the best week of my life. The people of Haiti need so much help, and it was awesome to be able to provide for them and to pray for them and give them food to end their immediate hunger and medication to help them to feel better. I cannot wait to be back in Haiti and to continue to support the Live Beyond mission." - January 2016 volunteer


"Haiti 2016 was radical. I worked with LiveBeyond, and let me tell you they are incredible. The love they have for the people of Haiti, and Thomazeau is more than evident. I urge you to check them out, and sign up for a trip. The people of Thomazeau are fighting to survive. There is little food, and thanks to LiveBeyond now have clean water. The area is very overtaken with voodoo, and the Christians are often persecuted in their villages inside Thomazeau. The Christians there though are some of the most beautiful and joyful people. They have captured my heart." - January 2016 volunteer


"Several people have asked about our trip. It was life changing. Pictures can't describe the poverty and starvation or the smell and the smiles. The clinic saw 800+ patients in 4 days and the children's programs were filled with singing and play. I will never have a bad day again. Everyday is a good day. Mesi Jezi (thank you Jesus)." - January 2016 volunteer


"This place KNOWS what they are doing!! They are making a tangible difference. We tell your story to whomever will listen. We ask if they want the 30 second or 30 minute version of our experience and what we believe LiveBeyond can do for the continued success of the Thomazeau region and the lives of ALL involved." - November 2015 volunteer

"It was the most organized, safest, cleanest trip I have ever been on. I also admire what the Vanderpools have accomplished. I admire what they have decided to do, while not everyone can make that level of devotion and sacrifice, they are an example we can all aspire to." - November 2015 volunteer


"It's a life-changing experience and a chance to help some people who need it the most. I spent a lot of time even while I was still serving with LiveBeyond in Haiti thinking about the people in my life who would do a great job helping out and who would gain a lot from their time there." - November 2015 volunteer

"It was the most heartbreaking experience of my life. I was able to see God working in the lives of the Haitians through LiveBeyond. I cannot wait to return. I talk about how people with special needs are tremendously neglected and misunderstood because of the Voodoo faith. I talk about how I will no longer complain about traffic after traveling to Maizie'shome, and witnessing the woman that walked 10 miles to be baptized on Sunday. I talk about how I imagined Jesus running through the mountains as the Kè Pou Timoun children sang about how great God is. I believe that as more people go to help the Haitians, the deeper Jesus' feet dig into the ground and stomp the oppressor out." - September 2015 volunteer

"It's a life-changing trip. It opens your eyes to answering Jesus' call to serve the poor." - May 2015 volunteer

"Even for someone like myself who has been on several mission trips before, and is involved in mission activities at home, LiveBeyond is the first time I have known without a shadow of a doubt "this is what Jesus was talking about." I was looking for a verse in Matthew today and as I skimmed through the book with LiveBeyond in mind, I was amazed because everything Jesus talked about was embodied by LiveBeyond - obviously not by their doing, but clearly by the power, blessing, and work of Holy Spirit. It's the most gospel-like organization I have ever been with, and it truly is DNA-altering." - May 2015 volunteer

"The LiveBeyond team is doing a great job. I was impressed with how the operation is handled, and that the overall goal is to help the people help themselves while never watering down the message of Christ. This is an organization worth supporting." - April 2015 volunteer

"I loved this mission trip, and cannot imagine going on mission trips that are not associated with LiveBeyond because my experience was so wonderful. I feel compelled to go on more mission trips." - February 2015 volunteer

"This trip has just made me MUCH more passionate for missions, especially international. I have done lots of national and local mission trips, but like I said above, this was my first international trip. Before, I think I viewed mission trips as a very occasional experience that you do because every "good Christian" should do missions. Now, I don't see it like that. I WANT to go back as soon as I can to Haiti to further what LiveBeyond is doing there. It has definitely set a fire down in me for more. I want to have the experience of being God's hands and feet again to the people in this world who need it the most." - February 2015 volunteer


"LiveBeyond is the real deal! Meaning LiveBeyond is solely about the Father's Business! Thank you LiveBeyond!! Pretty excited to see Kingdom expansion through you all!!" - January 2015 volunteer


"Laurie and David speak in such detail about the challenges of the people of Thomazeau because they said YES. They are immersed in the lives of the people. Their love for God and his children is evident in their day to day actions and long term plans to transform Haiti for God one village at a time through clean water, food, and medical care. The Gospel preaches itself through their actions." - January 2015 volunteer

"I love LiveBeyond's multi-level approach to bringing healing and comfort to the whole person --  mind, body, and soul. And I love the ways they go out of their way to touch those who are neglected and overlooked in their community." - November 2014 volunteer


"Friends, kids, co-workers. EVERYONE should do this [LiveBeyond mission trip] at least once. If so, the world would be a better place!" - October 2014 volunteer


"I learned so much from my trip to Thomazeau! I learned how to see people in a different perspective. I didn't realize it at first, but after returning home and to my job, my entire perspective of people has changed. I learned of true oppression and saw with my own eyes (physically and spiritually) the destruction Satan causes. But... I also saw God's love and desire for His people to return to Him and be restored through Jesus Christ! I saw that through the Vanderpool family. I learned there are those who rise up out of compassion for the hurting and those who rise up out of anger for their mistreatment. Some of us experience both!" - October 2014 volunteer


"The work that Dr. Vanderpool is doing is amazing! Laurie's heart and love alone can convert people through example. I think the Vanderpools are amazing souls that can really transform Thomazeau by teaching compassion and love to a community that has been completely dehumanized by their situation. I admire the both of them very much and I would recommend LiveBeyond to everyone." - August 2014 volunteer

"I actually haven't stopped talking out this trip since the day we got home. It was so different than any trip I have been on. The spirit of the Lord is so present in the work of LiveBeyond. Deeply grateful for our time in Haiti." - August 2014 volunteer


"LiveBeyond is such a great ministry and a very worthwhile, long-term investment." - July 2014 volunteer


"I felt so many different emotions while on this trip. I think for part of the trip I was in such a shock of how a country so close to the richest country in the world lives the way in which they do. My heart was definitely broken for the people of Haiti and I will never forget the experience I had on this trip." - June 2014 volunteer

"It [the LiveBeyond mission trip] has a powerful impact on your life. It is an opportunity to share your gifts. It is a mission with the goal of helping the people of Haiti to become self-sufficient." - June 2014 volunteer


"It's life-changing. Everyone needs to see Haiti and the way people live. Get off your butts and make a difference in this world and give life to people by sharing Jesus with them!" - May 2014 volunteer


"Anyone and everyone needs to see the Vanderpools in action in a city they so obviously love. This was a great way to see poverty, and injustice as well as the spreading of Christ all over a dark area." - May 2014 volunteer


"My view of life has been completely changed by this trip. It was absolutely amazing and the LiveBeyond staff in Haiti were great. I couldn't have had a better experience serving the people of Haiti!" - April 2014 volunteer


"I want the rest of my family to come! I feel like everyone who can come should try to come to Haiti...if God works it out for them, of course. I feel great about the ministry of LiveBeyond and will recommend it to everyone I talk to about it." - March 2014 volunteer

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